frequently asked questions

Can I get the same Chauffeur each time?

Yes, we can provide the same Chauffeur for you if requested (subject to availability), the more in advance you book the more likely this can be arranged.

What is the dress code of the Chauffeur?

Our Chauffeurs typically wear a formal tweed suit, shirt, tie and dress shoes. However if you prefer, our Chauffeurs can wear your own branded uniforms (if supplied by you) or smart-casual dress.

What experience do your chauffeurs have?

The comfort and safety of our clients is of paramount importance to us, therefore, all our Chauffeurs are:

  • Over 30 years of age, with more than 10 years of driving experience
  • Hold an Advanced Driving Licence and/or come from a skilled driving background (a proven track record in chauffeuring, police, army, ambulance, or fire brigade, etc.)
  • Professional and well trained drivers who are customer focused & friendly.
  • Confidentiality Agreements signed – to respect and guarantee your privacy
  • Professional & fluent in English
  • DBS checked

After a thorough application and induction process, we trust our drivers with our own luxury cars, like Range Rovers, Land Rover Discoveries or Mercedes-Benz


Will my Chauffeur carry my luggage/bags?

YES, your Chauffeur will always offer to help carry your bags and luggage (if and when required). If you would prefer they do not offer such assistance, please tell us.

Do Chauffeurs speak any other languages apart from English?

Generally, no. However, some can speak other languages. If you require a different spoken language other than English, please ask and we will see if one of our Chauffeurs can assist.

Will I be given the name and telephone number of my Chauffeur?

YES, you will be given the Chauffeur’s name and mobile number.

How do I book or enquire?

Phone: 01423 603144
Email: eyup@theyorkshirechauffeur.com

Is your service available day and night?

Yes. We operate 24 hours 7 days a week, all through the year.
Please Note: Our Booking Office is open Monday to Friday 9:30am to 5pm

Insurance for your car (if you prefer us to drive your car)

What insurance do I need to use a Chauffeur for my car?

Customers must have either:

  • Any Driver Car Insurance Policy
  • Named Driver Car Insurance Policy
What does the Chauffeur do whilst I’m in a meeting/event/appointment?

Your Chauffeur will park the car up safely and be on standby, ready and waiting to take you to the next location. If preferred, you can arrange to be picked up later at an arranged time. You can even ask the chauffeur to run small errands before they collect you.

How can I utilise the Chauffeur while they wait for me?

Your Chauffeur can also act as your Personal Assistant. He or she can carry out ad-hoc tasks like picking up dry cleaning or flowers, delivery or collection of important documents/parcels, etc. (as long as it is within UK law).

Will the Chauffeurs use excessive speed?

Yorkshire Chauffeurs drive at safe and sensible speeds, in accordance with road conditions, traffic, and the legal speed limits.

Will my Chauffeur respect my privacy and confidentiality?

YES. All of our Chauffeurs sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with our company which extends to our clients. What is said within the car, stays within the car.

Will my Chauffeur chat to passenger(s)?

Our Chauffeurs are polite and discreet. However, if the passenger would like to talk or ask questions then the Chauffeur will happily oblige.

Will my Chauffeur open doors for the passengers?

YES. It’s not only courteous but safer for the passengers, too. But if this is not for you, then please let the Chauffeur know. They are there to make you feel comfortable, whatever your preferences.


How does the drive my car Chauffeur service work?

Our Chauffeur arrives at your specified location, typically your home or office (can be elsewhere), to drive you comfortably in your own car.

How does the Chauffeur get to and from us?

The Chauffeur will either:

  • Arrive by car, park their car up and then pick it up at the end of the day.  In this case the customer has to ensure there is space for the Chauffeur to park their car. If there is any cost involved (parking the car), this must be made known before the booking is made and reflected in the cost of the service
  • Journey by public transport
  • Be dropped off and picked up by one our other Chauffeur team members in our pool car
Do the starting and finishing points need to be the same?

No, although it is typical for most of our bookings. However, if the starting and finishing points are at different locations, then the cost of the service will reflect this.

Can I use the service to pick up and drop off rental cars?


Please Note: The rental agreement will have to be in your name and the rental car must be suitably insured for us to drive.

What occasions can I use the Chauffeur?

You can use the Chauffeur for any occasion you require to be driven in your own car.

Can I get the Chauffeur to start at one location, drive me around, then finish at a different location?

Yes, please see above. In most situations like this, it works out more costly however we can provide excellent value. Call our office to discuss specific requirements on 01423 603144

Can I get a Chauffeur for a one way journey? For example, pick up from an event and drive me home in my car?

Yes. Please contact us for an individual quote for your specific requirements.

Can I get a Chauffeur to take me to a destination and a separate order to take me back without paying for the time in-between?

Yes, though this is dependent on the location and time between bookings.

Is there a minimum number of hours you have to book the service for?

Yes, there is a minimum of 4.5 hours (half day) per booking – T&Cs apply


How will I know that the Chauffeur is confirmed/has arrived to drive me on the day?

We give you a courtesy call 24 hours before your booking as a reminder.

Upon arrival at your pick-up point, depending on its location:

  • Pick up from home or a residential address – The Chauffeur will knock on the door to let you know they have arrived. If there is no answer, they will call you on the phone or send an SMS to let you know they have arrived.
  • Pick up from office or commercial place – The Chauffeur will let the receptionist or front desk know they have arrived and request they advise you that your Chauffeur has arrived. If there is no one at reception or front desk, they will call you on the phone or send an SMS to let you know they have arrived.
  • Airport collections – The Chauffeur can wait with a name-board at the arrival gate. Please specify your requirements upon booking.
How far in advance do I need to book?

Generally, most people book from a few days to a month or two in advance, some have even booked a few months in advance (such a business meeting, corporate events, weddings, birthdays, sporting days out, concerts, etc). We may be able to arrange services last-minute, but we do suggest you make your booking as soon as you have made plans, as all booking are subject to availability and advanced payment.

Do young children count as passengers?


I’m bringing a baby, do you provide baby/child seats?

No. You will have to provide your own and fit these yourself, according to appropriate legal requirements.

When do I pay for my booking?
  • Pay As You Go clients – payment must be the same day as finalising/making the booking
  • Corporate/Private Clients – invoices are paid one month in advance
Can the Chauffeur stay with me for a whole day or longer period of time?

Yes, you can hire your Chauffeur for as long as you require. Please call our booking office for more information.

This exclusive new service adds a new level of convenience and productivity to both business and leisure travel. It also offers huge savings over alternatives for full day use.

Will I be charged extra for entering the congestion charge zone, car parking, or other toll charges?

Yes, additional costs such as tolls and car parking will be an additional cost to the client.

Do you offer discounts if I book regularly or I require numerous cars?

Yes, we do provide discounted/preferential rate. Please call our office for more information.

Do your prices include VAT?

No, we do not charge VAT as we are not VAT registered.

Do you take debit/credit cards?

Yes, we take all major credit cards, except American Express, and there is a 3% charge. There is no charge for debit cards.

How do I pay?
  • By internet bank transfer or BACS
  • Over the phone with a debit or credit card
How do I know that my booking is confirmed?

Bookings are confirmed with a confirmation email once payment has been received.

Do you cater for long distance trips and tours?

Yes. Please call our booking office for more information: 01423 603144

Do you do last minute/short notice transfers or tours?

Yes. However, it is suggested you make your booking as soon as possible, as all bookings are subject to availability and advanced payment. Please call our booking office for more information 01423 603144

How much does the Chauffeur service cost?

Prices vary due to a number of factors, so quotations are provided upon enquiry.

Do I pay my Chauffeur?

No, you are invoiced by and pay directly to our company, Yorkshire Chauffeurs.

Is there a special charge for bank holidays or Christmas holidays?

Easter Sunday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day, Bank Holidays, and Public Holidays are subject to an additional charge.

Is the Chauffeur’s tip/gratuity included in the price?

No, gratuity is totally at your discretion and 100% of tips/gratuity go your Chauffeur.


How will we meet the Chauffeur at the airport (at Arrivals Terminal)?

After you clear customs, look for your Chauffeur who will be holding a name-board (with your name on it). If for some reason you can’t find us, please call our office 01423 603144 and we’ll help you find the Chauffeur, or you can call the Chauffeur’s mobile number (which will be on your booking confirmation). 

Please do not leave the terminal and head outside before you find us.

If my flight arrives early, will my Chauffeur be there?

Yes, we monitor our clients’ flights so we will do our best to arrive early. We will monitor your flight and aim to arrive 15 minutes after the plane has landed. If for any reason you are delayed upon arrival (at customs, baggage collection, etc.) please make our office aware on 01423 603144. 

After your plane has landed, waiting time beyond one hour is charged at £65 per hour, plus additional parking fees.

What can I do if my flight is seriously delayed and I do not have new flight details?

Just email or call us and keep in touch until we have the new details.

What happens if my flight details change?

Please call or email us and we will update your booking with the new details.

Who pays for any airport parking or tolls charges?

All clients have to pay their own charges for the car (unless the car is exempt).

1 hour of parking and tolls are included in the price we give you. However, if you are delayed beyond one hour after your plane’s arrival, any extra charges will be invoiced to you.

How long before my flight should I arrive at the departures terminal?

Normally you should aim to arrive 2-3 hours before an international flight. Always check this with your airline.

How do I set a corporate account or a private client account?

You can either contact us by phone on 01423 603144 or email us at bookings@yorkshirechauffeurs.com

Can I set up an account/pay by invoice?

Yes, you are welcome to set up business accounts or a private client account (depending on number hours required). You may be invoiced per trip or per month. Please call our booking office for more information 01423 603144.