Corporate Chauffeurs

Corporate Events

When it comes to designing and organising corporate events, securing the right corporate chauffeur service is very important, whether it’s for large-scale gatherings or more intimate affairs.
There are so many advantages of hiring professional chauffeurs for your corporate events spanning from time and cost savings to enhancing your company’s image and recognition.
At Yorkshire Chauffeurs, we specialise in taking care of your transportation needs, allowing you to fully concentrate on creating memories with your colleagues, friends, and valued customers. 
Simply share your requirements with us, and we will promptly provide you with a customised plan!

No matter how skilled you are in event planning, it’s inevitable that some details may slip through the cracks.
Worries about your guests’ arrival and departure can be particularly frustrating.
To ease the planning stress, Yorkshire Chauffeurs offers the solution of chauffeuring each of your guests to and from the event, taking away their concerns.
This ensures that your clients can travel stress-free, enjoying their journey and remaining relaxed throughout the meeting or event and focused to what is important for your business.


Corporate chauffeurs provide comfort and convenience.
Traveling in a chauffeur hired car allows you or your clients to make the most of the journey, whether it’s catching up on work, handling important phone calls, or simply unwinding before a crucial presentation.
You will be effortlessly dropped off at the event venue, with no parking hustle.
After the event, our chauffeur will be there for you to swiftly transport you to your next destination.

Punctuality – keeping to your schedule

By keeping to a strict timetable, our chauffeurs help to ensure your guests are not left waiting or you miss that important appointment.
We understand the importance of making sure every event goes as planned. We’ll be there early, and that means you can relax.
Our drivers are as reliable as they are professional, so trust us with the details of your event and we’ll make sure everything goes smoothly.

Look Professional

A luxury chauffeur service is seen as a stylish and professional approach to transportation, and this can be the difference between winning business or not.
It’s about showing your client they’re important and doing everything you can to make their experience memorable.
A professional chauffeur service will make your clients feel special and that you value their business, which is what you want to do for every client. 

Concierge Service

Our commitment to your comfort and satisfaction extends beyond transportation.
Yorkshire Chauffeurs provides a concierge service that goes the extra mile, including assistance with luggage,
door-to-door service, and even supplying a soft pillow and blanket for late-night journeys home!

Travel safely

For your peace of mind, all our experienced chauffeurs have Enhanced DBS Checks and are diligent, discreet and dependable. 
Yorkshire Chauffeurs are willing to work long hours if required and always offer complete confidentiality.
With our unwavering focus on safety and security, you can be confident that you and your clients are in the most capable hands.


Privacy is paramount to us. Our clients are treated like VIPs, and we uphold strict confidentiality standards.
What clients say in the car stays in the car. All their rights are assured in the vehicle, and we guarantee that full discretion will be kept throughout the transportation time and beyond.
All our drivers have signed non-disclosure agreements, guaranteeing that anything discussed in the car remains confidential.
Your rights are fully protected, ensuring discretion during transportation and beyond.
Choose Yorkshire Chauffeurs for your corporate events, and experience the epitome of luxury, professionalism, and convenience.